Travel And Tourism Management In India

In India, tourism is  growing at a great pace  in a significant manner, some key areas of concern which need focus is: infrastructure, promotion and marketing at domestic and international levels, skill training and  development, tourism  education, professionalization of services management, service man skill enhancement .Apart from  challenges of the red corridor, tourism also generates a new source of livelihood, jobs, growth of remote areas, preservation of  culture, enterprise development at the basic level and sustainable environment management.
Potential for the travel and tourism industry in India is enormous. However, at the same time, the industry faces most critical challenge is lack of proper infrastructure.

Issues in domestic travel and tourism industry in India are poor infrastructure,Human resources,poor Service levels,Lack of adequate marketing and promotion,Security and Regulatory issues


The promotion  and advertising strategies accompanied with  aggressive marketing measures undertaken by the government is aiding influx of tourists. The industry would also benefit from  new forms of tourism and development of niche segments.

Various opportunities are there in ecotourism, adventure tourism, and cruise tourism. Eco-tourism is leading in the development of eco-friendly hotels and tour packages. With increased environment awareness among tourists and laws undertaken by the government and private players, the ecotourism segment is expected to record  growth in the future.

There is immense potential in adventure tourism  and cruise tourism. India’s greatest adventure tourism highlights are Himalayas and its mighty rivers. The irony is that the peak period for adventure tourism is the “lean period” of cultural tourism. Development of adventure tourism  and culture tourism can make India a round-the-year tourist destination. The cruise industry is one of the most revenue generating industries in India yet strong efforts need to be made to develop this industry. Other forms of tourism such as agri tourism, pilgrimage tourism, heritage tourism, and MICE tourism can also be developed for better management of travel and tourism industry.



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