Ayurveda, the science of life, is  the oldest  System of medicine existing on this universe. It gives the information about almost all the diseases existing and its only aim is top revent  the onset of the diseases and treatment for manifested diseases by various treatment modalities.

Among the list of  major diseases,  Diabetes mellitus  comes in the first line.

The incidence of disease Diabetes mellitus  is increasing  day  by day, India one of the main country which is having more percentage of Diabetic patients, the number is increasing in every minute. It is the right time to get the proper  awareness about the disease,  so that one can prevent the onset of disease  or otherwise   can maintain the disease with normal blood sugar levels and can lead a normal healthy life.

The word madhumeha indicates the clinical condition where  there is  an  increased passing of sweet urine along with increase in blood glucose level.

There are two types of madhumeha  patients, in first type the patient will be very lean, very weak, irritable, usually the cause is hereditary.

The second type is basically due to altered life style, for example  not following the daily regimens as said in Ayu all tastes in it like sweet, sour, salt,  hot, astringent and bitter  in equal proportion,   taking excess  food, taking  only the food which is rich in  fat mainly, that too animal fat, sleeping in the day time,  avoid sleep in the night times,  , suppressing the natural urges like urination, defecation,   By  these type of habits which are opposite  to  health rules will gradually leads to altered digestive activity……,  later leading to alteration in metabolism resulting in  onset of diabetes mellitus. Previously the onset of the disease was  noted at the age of 40 year and above, but now due to utter negligence in health rules, plenty of  diabetic mellitus  cases  are noticing in  still  early age group  only.


Here  the patient looks obese with increased  body weight,   with a tendency to excessive eating, avoiding minimum physical activity, always prefer to sleep,   with the complaints like  excessive  urination,   excessive thirst,  easy tiredness. Many times  above said  symptoms hardly  noticed  in patients. So in the present situation it is better to make  allpersons  of age group between 25-30 years  to undergo BLOOD INVESTIGATIONS for both sugar level as well as lipid level along with routine urine examination.

The present available Diabetic mellitus patients can be recognized in three stages  and can be treated in three way as follows


  1. PRE-DIABETIC-STAGE- Here patient will be having high risk of getting the disease.  Here the treatment measures  include correction in life styles followed by regular light exercise,  minimum of 6 suryanamaskara everyday,   regular intake of  food which is  very light, easily digestible with limited quantity, so that  patient should feel lightness of the body. Along with these life style correction one should undergo DETOXIFICATION methods of Ayurveda like VAMANA and VIRECHANA , so that they can prevent the onset of disease.


  1. EARLY-DIABETIC-STAGE- Here patient may come with some of the complaints of the disease. All treatment measures should be started. One should undergo detoxification methods like Vamana and Virechana and then oral AYURVEDICANTI DIABETIC DRUGSshould be started, what medicine is to be taken, how much to be taken etc, is to be decided byayurvedic physicians, in many patients medicine may not be essential after detoxification treatment  and it can be managed only with food regulation and  regular light exercises like suryanamaskara or with some YOGASANAS like paschimottanasana, ardamathsyendrasana, bhujangasana etc.,


  1. IN-LATE-DIABETIC-STAGE- Here patient may come with controlled or uncontrolled blood sugar level  Or patient may  come with some general complaints. According to individual patient complains, treatment schedule should be made. The general ayurvedic method of treatment includes mild detoxification methods, oral antidiabetic medicines, mild  form of asanas along with administratin of RASAYANACHIKITSA VIDHIES of Ayurveda. Proper planning of all these treatment modalities by considering the requirements of each patient and also the tolerance power of each patient, patient’s wellbeing can be achieved.


Thus the chronic disease, diabetes gradually involves all cells of the body and shows all its adverse effects even in nerve cells, leading to various complications and also reduces the  life span.  So the patients of pre diabetic and early diabetic stage should undergo the detoxification methods like Vamanaand  Virechanaalong with regulating food habits and practice of asanas mentioned above , so that they can lead a  healthy  happy life.

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